The status of my credit card purchase is Pending, Rejected or Cancelled

After creating an order you can see the status of your purchase under the "History" tab in your account.

"Pending" status is assigned to an order which has been created, but hasn't been paid.

While the order is in this state, the payment can be completed by following all the applicable steps in the following article of our FAQ: here. If you cannot complete the payment yourself, you can also contact HashFlare customer support for help.

"Rejected" status means, the purchase has been:

  • declined by the user manually
  • declined due to failed 3DSecure authentication
  • declined by the user's issuing bank due to failed authorization

In all of these cases, the funds are not reserved on the user's account.

"Cancelled" status is assigned to the order if the payment hasn’t been confirmed within a 48-hour time frame and the purchase has been marked for cancellation or reversal. It removes hold on cardholder’s funds or returns transferred funds back to cardholder’s account. The reversal process can take up to 7 days.

"Processed" status means the full payment has been received and the order has been activated. Congratulations! Immediately after receiving this status the purchased Hashrate will begin mining automatically on your account.

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