BTC - BIP148, Segwit2x, August 1st Fork

We recommend reading the following article in preparation to the upcoming and ongoing Bitcoin chain splits and the fork scheduled on August 1st:

While the upcoming changes to Bitcoin will introduce radical improvements to the network, including Segwit (, during this time it's important to keep your funds safe. For a period of time, Bitcoin confirmation score will become severely less reliable as some nodes of the network will be running nodes incompatible with others.

To avoid risking customer funds and contracts during the events to come, HashFlare has decided to temporarily suspend all Bitcoin related operations:

  • BTC withdrawals ;
  • BTC purchases;
  • SHA-256 mining contracts

starting from 9 AM UTC on July 31, 2017, until the situation is resolved (most likely no later than August 4th).

Also, please be aware that before and after the event,  Bitcoin confirmation score has become less reliable, which means it requires more time than usual to confirm and process Bitcoin transactions in the system.


August 2 update 15:50 UTC:

The Bitcoin fork is now completed and we're glad to announce that it is safe to enable SHA-256 contract mining. Tomorrow, August 3rd SHA-256 payouts will be made as usual. We will resume BTC purchases and withdrawals in one hour.

We have also just completed an important part of maintenance, geared to improve our website's performance. There’s more to come in the following days, so you may experience service interruptions here and there, however, it will not affect mining.

N.B! Since the mining was suspended from July 31 - August 1st, there will be no payouts for this period (1 and 2 August).

Thank you for your patience!


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