How does the HashFlare Referral Program work?

What is a referral program?

Every HashFlare customer has a unique referral link, which can be shared with anyone, you would like to invite to start using HashFlare. Any new user, who registers using your referral link becomes a lifetime referral.

What rewards can I receive for referring?

As a referrer, you are eligible to receive 10% referral commission bonus for every purchase made by any of your referrals, excluding reinvest and balance purchases. The bonus is added to your account's balance in BTC shortly after the purchase is confirmed.

Where can I find my Referral Link?

You can find your unique referral link in your account's Dashboard by selecting "Referrals" and "Tools" from the left panel. In order to generate your referral link click the "Link" button next to your referral code.

Can I register Multiple accounts to receive referral bonuses?

No, you are not allowed to have multiple accounts. The referral program is designed as a way to reward you for attracting new users and endorsing the product. Please use it responsibly.

Is there any promotional material for referrers?

Yes, you can find additional materials under "Referrals" and "Materials" in your account. HashFlare also has several landing pages, you can use. If you have a good idea of how to attract more referrals with a custom design, you can send us a request via customer support.

Where can I see my referrals?

You can find statistics of your referrals, commission, and conversion under “Referrals” and “Tools” in your account. Bear in mind, your referrals’ email and identity are protected by our Privacy Policy, so you won’t see the details of their accounts.

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