How do I verify a credit card purchase via Connectum?

In order to make purchases with a credit card via Connectum, your card needs to be verified first. This is a required security measure and a method of credit card fraud prevention. 

The verification process needs to be done only once for each new card.


  • Connectum does not process credit card payments for the UK and Bosnia and Herzegovina issuing banks. 
  • Connectum only supports cards with 3DSecure enabled.
  • There is a limit of 3000.00 $ per day for transactions via Connectum.

Step 1. 

To start the verification, please create a Hashrate purchase order as usual and select "Pay with credit card (Connectum)" as the Payment Method. You will be then taken to the Connectum hosted page. 


Step 2.

Please fill all the fields: full card number, expiration date, CVV/CVC security code. Click "Pay now securely".


Step 3. 

If your card supports 3DSecure verification: MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by Visa, you will be taken to your bank to complete the payment. You will be asked to enter the confirmation code for the card.

NB! If the card does not support these standards you will not be able to complete the payment via Connectum. Please enable 3DSecure or select a different payment method.

Step 4.

The system will place the full amount of the payment on hold on your card. You will now need the 4-digit security code from the payment description.

Please look up the payment description in your bank statement online. Some banks may send the payment description in an SMS or you can learn it by contacting your bank's support. The statement will show the amount reserved and the code will appear in the transaction details (outlined on the image below). 

Step 5. 

To complete the verification you will be taken back to the HashFlare website to enter the payment security code into the relevant input field. Click "Save".

In case you close or exit the verification screen for some reason you may return to this screen by clicking the link in your dashboard.


Also, you can always go into your History tab, where under Purchases you may click Continue next to your pending purchase, which will take you directly to the verification screen.


Step 6. 

Congratulations! Your card is now verified to use in!

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